The real truth about water in baobab trees

  There’s a bit of a myth out there that you can tap water out of a baobab which is illustrated by this delightful cartoon. The truth is that a freshly felled baobab trunk weighs about 850kg per cubic meter.  Once dried out, it weighs 200kg per cubic meter.  This means that baobabs are able to store 650 litres of […] Continue Reading

Look honey! I shrunk the baobab tree!

I  have never quite understood the appeal of bonsai, so I decided to see for myself what it was all about.  I visited Lampies Schoeman who has about 100 trees, surely one of the largest collection of baobab bonsai in the world!  He has grown and created most of his bonsai himself over the last 10 years. I always thought […] Continue Reading

where do you go with the baobab fruit?

Last week while on a photo shoot in Venda,  the harvesters asked me where I went with all the baobab fruit I buy from them.  So I said, why don’t you come and see?  We worked out the taxi money from Venda and back and set a date for the following Thursday.   The women travelled 200km to visit EcoProducts […] Continue Reading

EcoProducts and Natural Medicine Magazine

The contributing authors of Natural Medicine are professionals and experts in their fields, but don't get paid for their article contributions. Instead, they are given gifts of a variety of health and wellness products. EcoProducts is delighted to be a contributor and we hope the authors enjoy their gift of Baobab oil!

Baobab in Healthbox SA

We think this is such a cool concept! Each month, subscribers to Health Box SA are sent a luxurious combination of health, fitness and wellness products. Each item has been tried, tested and tasted by a panel of experts to ensure that what lands up on subscribers’ doorsteps are the latest, trusted and best-for-you products available and this month EcoProducts […] Continue Reading

We'd like you to meet Terres D'afrique

They've created a beautiful range based on African botanicals.  Their range is about a passion for nature, for Africa, for travelling the continent and exploring and discovering new plants, places and people. Their products are the result of a yearning to know and understand the full impact of what the African plant kingdom has to offer. And the Baobab makes an […] Continue Reading

TAMBANI: African Embroidery

Last week, you met Sani Madau one of the Venda women who does embroidery to supplement her income.  Now I want to introduce you to the lady who makes it possible – Ina Le Roux.  She has created a wonderful business supporting rural Venda women who embroider such beautiful work. Read her absolutely heartwarming story of how she began the […] Continue Reading

we all need a livelihood strategy: what's yours?

This is Sani Mudau. When I was visiting the village last week she was busy with an embroidery while she was waiting for her turn to be paid for the fruit she had collected. Since it's Women's Day today I thought I would celebrate the local Venda women. Many rural women have something called a "Livelihood Strategy". Rather than struggling […] Continue Reading

The hidden benefits of baobab oil and fruit powder

Annie Nenzhelele has been collecting baobab fruit for EcoProducts for a few years now.  Last week when I was visiting her village she said that she has been using the money she has earned for building her house.  She took me into her house to show me the bags of cement she  had bought to complete internal plastering.  She will […] Continue Reading

Calling the community

I was visiting a village in Venda the other day and needed to talk to the community about when I would be collecting baobab fruit.  During the day people are scattered and busy with other chores so it’s difficult to get to speak to everybody at the same time.  The headman’s wife was so excited about us coming she immediately […] Continue Reading