Baobab Livelihood Program

The baobab livelihood program uses baobabs as our “hero species”. Baobabs are a symbol of caring for nature and the people who live in it. We support pre-schools in baobab harvesting areas so that children can get a good start in life. We teach children how to grow and look after their own baobab trees and how trees are important to the health of our environment.

Who will grow the most baby Baobabs?
Baobab Champions Project

The health of our earth is in the hands of our children. The Baobab Foundation works with school going children both in primary and high school to teach and educate them about baobab trees. The children are encouraged to plant and grow baobab trees at home and then to plant them out or donate them to the baobab wilding project. Each child that grows a baobab tree becomes a baobab champion.


The children say thank you
Pre-School Support Project

The Pre-school Program identifies under-resourced pre-schools in South Africa where baobab harvesters live. The support given to pre-schools is determined by the individual needs of each school. Support includes providing educational toys, equipment and infrastructure as well as early childhood development training.