The Baobab Foundation

We promote and support the conservation of baobab trees and the lives of the communities who live among these magnificent trees.

Baobabs are an important part of the African landscape. Their large size and shape are iconic and are a symbol of heritage. Baobabs are sacred as they enshrine African ancestors who connect our world with the spirit world. They also provide resources for both humans and the environment. People have been eating the nutritious baobab fruit and leaves for thousands of years and before modern fibres were available, baobab bark was used to make rope, string and to weave household items. More recently, the global trade in baobab products has connected many thousands of rural African families with a direct income from the products made from baobab fruit. In nature baobabs are just as important, providing shelter for dozens of animals such as birds, mammals and reptiles.

The baobab population is stable across Africa, however in some places they face a number of threats. These include clearing land for agriculture, industrial and peri-urban development, disease, pollinator survival, elephant damage and the survival of seedlings in the wild.

To ensure the survival of baobabs in these areas an integrated approach, incorporating human needs and environmental variables, is required so that baobabs can still be seen in our landscapes for many thousands of years to come.
The Baobab Foundation is a non-profit organisation that conducts research into the ecology of baobab trees, supports conservation projects and improves the lives of communities who live among these trees. The Foundation provides a means for companies, start-ups and people around the globe, to make direct contributions to the care of these ancient trees and to the lives of the women and children who live around them.

A Culture of Caring

We’ve called it Creating a Culture of Caring because we believe caring for ourselves, others and our environment is so urgently needed in our world right now. Caring needs to become not just something we do now and then, but what we do on a continual basis so that to care becomes naturally embedded in our culture.

Baobab Foundation has three programs and a number of projects within each program