we all need a livelihood strategy: what's yours?

This is Sani Mudau. When I was visiting the village last week she was busy with an embroidery while she was waiting for her turn to be paid for the fruit she had collected.

Since it's Women's Day today I thought I would celebrate the local Venda women. Many rural women have something called a "Livelihood Strategy". Rather than struggling to live off one job, they do many different things to survive and bring in an income. This changes from season to season as well.  Income from baobab is usually in the winter when the fruit ripen and can be collected from under the trees.  In March the Marula fruit ripen and then it is time for brewing Marula beer to sell to traders.  Other times its collection of other wild fruit or Mopani worms.  Embroidery for these women though is something that can go on all year.  In a place where jobs are scarce to non-existent, these women are nonetheless resourceful and hard working, seizing opportunities everywhere they can.  Good for them!

Nina Geraghty