Baobab Guardians Celebrate Baobab Success!

Zwigodini Village Baobab Guardians with their certificates This November, 18 Baobab Guardians from 3 different Venda villages received certificates of achievement to celebrate the successful growing of 19 baobab trees to a height of 3 metres. This is when baobabs can fend for themselves in the wild and no longer need watering and protection from livestock and other foraging animals. […] Continue Reading

Our Baby Baobabs are Growing Up!

Our Baobab Guardians have been doing a wonderful job this year taking care of their baobab tree seedlings and growing them in a protected environment until they reach 3 metres in height and are ready to fend for themselves.

Dambale Creche Fence Completed

We’re delighted that the fence around the Dambale Preschool was completed this month (September 2020). A big thank you for the generous donation of $1000 from Protec Botanica which contributed towards building the fence.

Mandela Day: Food Donation from Ridgeway Prep School to Mukovha wa Bale Creche

Dr Sarah Venter delivers food donated by Ridgeway Prep School to Mukovha wa Bale Creche Children at Ridgeway Preparatory School responded whole-heartedly to their drive to collect food and donations during Mandela Month. Ridgeway Preparatory Primary School collected boxes of non-perishable food for donation to one of the Pre-Schools which our Baobab Foundation supports: Mukovha wa Bale Creche.  The food […] Continue Reading

Investing in our Future Communities

The Dambale community does not have a pre-school for their 50-70 young children aged 1-6. All they currently have is 2 tiny rooms, no toilets, no kitchen and no resources at all for the children. The Baobab Foundation has decided to support the community by building a new pre-school from the ground up.

Spring Baobab Guardians

The baobab guardians tree planting project has to date, planted and nurtured 75 trees which can now fend for themselves without needing protection from foraging domestic animals. Read about our latest guardians…