Three more baobab seedlings to ready to grow into adult trees

Baobab trees in Dambale village were measured as scheduled in April 2024.  Three more trees have reached their target height of 3 meters.  This brings the total number to five of the nine trees in the village that no longer need to be protected from goats.  The trees in Dambale village were planted as small seedlings in December 2020.  The first two trees reached 3 meters in March 2023 taking only two years and three months to reach this height.  The remaining trees took another year (3 years) to reach this height.  The health of the trees and the rate at which they grow is directly as a result of how much care the Baobab Guardian give to their trees.  The Guardians that keep watering their trees and ensuring that the protective barriers are always maintained get the best growth.  However not every one is a tree lover and some of the trees are not well looked after.  The success of the baobab planting program is depended on the dedication of our Baobab Guardians.

A big thank you to  Unrooted Drinks, Lather and EcoProducts for supporting the baobab guardians project in Dambale village

Dr Sarah Venter