Denzhe Pre-school supports the community

“Each year there is more demand for the Preschool” says Principal Munzhelele “as the community grows so do the needs of the community”. In 2019 when the school was first opened by the Baobab Foundation, the school only have a handful of children.  "We are expecting a greater intake of children next year and we need to prepare for this in [...] Continue Reading

New pre-school enroll first kids at rural Dambale

The enrollment of 20 preschoolers to the first and only, brand-new crèche and pre-school in the rural village of Dambale, caused a whole lot of excitement. Although the school-buildings were finished last year the process of getting a long list of basic equipment like tables, chairs, mattresses, cupboards and educational toys, got a boost, thanks to funding from Lather skincare […] Continue Reading

Brand new, bright coloured Dambale Preschool

We are so happy to announce that the Dambale Preschool is finished, colourfully painted and ready to be equipped for the village’s little children!  By February this year the Baobab Foundation has received enough donations from generous supporters all around the globe to start building. Chief Nedambale then immediately appointed Mr Nelson Kwinda, a local builder, with his team. By […] Continue Reading

One hundred colourful stories for rural kids

One hundred colourful, new children’s books have just landed on the desk of the Baobab Foundation. These books are for our pre-schools in Venda and is published by Book Dash. Book Dash is a South African initiative that believes every child should own one hundred books by the age of five. They gather creative professionals who volunteer to create […] Continue Reading