Brand new, bright coloured Dambale Preschool

We are so happy to announce that the Dambale Preschool is finished, colourfully painted and ready to be equipped for the village’s little children!

Mr Kwinda, Chief Nedambale, Prince and Sarah discussing the last finishing touches.

 By February this year the Baobab Foundation has received enough donations from generous supporters all around the globe to start building. Chief Nedambale then immediately appointed Mr Nelson Kwinda, a local builder, with his team.

Some of the building team at Dambale.

By mid-May, only three and a half months later, the school was complete: three classrooms, a storeroom and kitchen complex with special and safe preschool children’s toilets and adult pit toilets.

Mr Kwinda recently handed the keys over to Mr Prince Musekwa, the Baobab Foundation’s Project Manager who then formally handed it over to Chief Nedambale.

Chief Nedambale will now elect a suitable principal from the community, who will contact the Foundation with a list of basic equipment needed to open the school, such as tables, chairs, mattresses, cupboards and educational toys. The new principal will register the school with the Department of Social Development so that the school can also start to receive their support.

The store room and kitchen complex

The formal opening of the school will take place once the school has been fitted with the necessary equipment so that the first preschoolers can be accepted. The next steps then, are to provide funding or donations in kind, for playground equipment, water tanks, signage and the basic equipment for the classrooms.

The primary school next door, still get their water delivered by donkey cart.
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