Kids over the moon with new storybooks in Tshivenda

Tshedza and Zwigodini preschools’ kids were the first to receive their box of Book Dash storybooks. For many of them it is the first time they hear, see and have access to a storybook, let alone one in their very own Tshivenda language!

Tshedza preschool, unlocking potential, releasing creativity with exploring books!

We have divided the first hundred Book dash books, funded by Skoon, into five boxes or mini libraries, to be distributed to five preschools in rural Venda. The cost of one hundred children’s storybooks is currently, a thousand Rands at Book Dash.

Rural teachers learning how to use their mini library of brand new storybooks.
Rural teachers learning how to use their mini library of brand new storybooks.

The teachers at these two schools were then trained how to read to the children and how to keep the books in a good condition.  The kids were so excited when the teachers immediately started reading it to them and, once they got the hang of it, participated with gusto.

Two of the books in each box are written in their mother-tongue Tshivenda, most of the others are in English. Some of the books are without text, yet full of colourful pictures. This allows the kids and teachers to make up their own stories with new twists about what is happening and so encourage a cooperative, innovative spirit during these important formative years of children.

Book Dash’s research shows that owning books is a key factor in holistic early development and lifelong academic and economic success: the effect of owning books outweighs a child’s socio-economic status and is equaled only by parents’ level of education.

First lunch and then storytime

By working together to increase book access and ownership among young children, we can effectively disrupt a cycle of inequality for good.

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