Look How We’ve Grown!

The Tshikuyu preschool still needed a kitchen and eating area, swing and climbing frame for the children, a water tank and equipment for the classrooms.

Once again supporters from around the world generously donated to the next phase of the project. Donations were received from Blue Sky Botanicals (United Kingdom), EDUR Foundation (Germany), Mediceuticals (Netherlands), Lather Inc (USA), and NeoTrading (South Africa).

Thank you Bao-med!

Bao-Med, a brand of Mediceuticals, has just announced another significant donation to the Baobab Guardians program and the Baobab Research program. Bao-Med is one of the Baobab Foundation’s most generous supporters.

Baobab Guardians: Tree Measurements

In March this year, I completed the annual tree-measuring I do every of the baobab trees planted in the villages by our baobab guardians. [See this post to find out why the Baobab Foundation has created the Baobab Guardian project] They have all done exceptionally well with the late rains that we got in January and February. We now have 75 baobab […] Continue Reading

Baobab Fruit Monitoring

As part of EcoProducts commitment to understanding the ecology and sustainable harvesting of baobab fruit, Dr Sarah Venter monitors a representative set of trees every March.   The trees are scattered between various landscapes, including villages, fields, rocky outcrops and bush.  Following the patterns of fruit production between landscapes and over multiple years, gives Sarah insight into the natural variability […] Continue Reading

It started with nothing but hope

It’s a reality in South Africa that pre-schools – especially in the deep rural areas – get far less support from government than primary and high schools. And yet research shows that if young children are provided with teaching,  nourishment and stimulation at pre-school age, they are far more likely to break out of the poverty cycle than those who […] Continue Reading

African Baobab Alliance Congress

EcoProducts is delighted to be participating in the very first ‘Global Baobab Congress’ in Germany on the 11th of February.  It’s being organised by the African Baobab Alliance (ABA) of which I’m a member and I’ll be talking to participants from around the world about long term ecological research into Baobab.  There’s been increasing world-wide interest in Baobab products from […] Continue Reading

The baobab tree is going to be around for a long time

Recently, various media reports have stated that nine of the 13 biggest baobab trees in southern Africa had collapsed or died in quick succession. Some experts have suggested that climate change may have played a key role in their downfall, although research is still ongoing. These gnarly giants are very much a part of the Limpopo landscape and tourist industry, […] Continue Reading