Thank you Bao-med!

Bao-Med, a brand of Mediceuticals producing products made with baobab, has just announced another significant donation to the Baobab Guardians program and the Baobab Research program.   Bao-Med is one of the Baobab Foundation’s most generous supporters.  Rob and Wendy Botha, the founders and owners of Bao-Med, say:

“It‘s our pleasure to support the Baobab Foundation, Sarah has so much passion for this amazing giant tree, the baobab, it inspires so many people when they hear what she has to say about it and the work the Foundation does.”

The Bao-Med donation to the Baobab Foundation is hugely valued, especially for the Baobab Research program.  We do not know enough about the flowering, pollination and fruit production of baobab trees and yet they are such an important source of food and income to thousands of people across Africa.  The work that the Baobab Foundation is doing is invaluable in this regard and the results will contribute to a body of work that will support the conservation of these magnificent and fascinating trees. 

The donation to the Baobab Guardians program will be used to support the planting of 3 baobab trees.  Baobab seedlings are vulnerable to browsing from livestock.  Baobab Guardians, who are volunteers in the community, plant and protect the young trees until they have grown to a height which keeps them safe from browsing animals.  This highly successful project has already planted 75 trees and is aiming to reach the 100 tree mark.

Nina Geraghty