The baobab tree is going to be around for a long time

Recently, various media reports have stated that nine of the 13 biggest baobab trees in southern Africa had collapsed or died in quick succession. Some experts have suggested that climate change may have played a key role in their downfall, although research is still ongoing. These gnarly giants are very much a part of the Limpopo landscape and tourist industry, and so their health and wellbeing are important to the people of this district. After the publishing of a conclusion in a 2018 study, headed by Stephan Woodborne and Adrian Patrut, in Nature Plants that baobab trees are dying at an unusual rate, several news articles in highly respected publications such as National Geographic and the New York Times appeared to indicate the imminent extinction of these mighty trees. Read the full article recently published on the Zoutnet news by clicking here.

Nina Geraghty