New pre-school enroll first kids at rural Dambale

New creche, new kids, new swings

The enrollment of 20 preschoolers to the first and only, brand-new crèche and pre-school in the rural village of Dambale, caused a whole lot of excitement.

Although the school-buildings were finished last year the process of getting a long list of basic equipment like tables, chairs, mattresses, cupboards and educational toys, got a boost, thanks to funding from Lather skincare and a German charity.

Johanna Mudau, the newly appointed principal, enrolled 20 toddlers so far. This opens up a whole new world with early childhood development for the children and the parents of Dambale.

New creche, new kids, new swings, new future for kids
New creche, new kids, new swings, new future!

We are happy to announce that the bright little school now has swings, a multicolored jungle gym, two slides and a sandpit. They also boast a clever, new concept that they call a ‘Damu’, a round structure, almost like a sandpit without sand, with benches where toddlers can discuss and debate important toddler affairs with peers in style!

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