Spring Baobab Guardians

We have just completed our “spring” measurement of the baobab trees.  The weather has been very dry and hot here and the trees did not start to flush new leaves until well into December, so we delayed our measurement until mid-December.  We will measure again in March/April after the summer season when most of the annual growth has had a chance to grow.

Anna Muvhali uses bricks to protect her healthy baobab sapling from foraging goats

Despite the weather, most trees had put on about 10cm of growth and where they are well protected from goats their new growth is looking healthy and vigorous.  Martha Kwerana’s tree reached its 3-metre height.  Congratulations Martha!

Martha Kwerana’s beautiful 3m tall baobab tree

The Baobab Guardians program aims to successfully grow baobab trees to a 3 meter height which will ensure that they reach adult height without further damage from livestock.  The program works with local people who volunteer to be “Baobab Guardians”. 

Sarah Makhavini also uses building blocks to protect her baobab tree

The trees are grown in their natural environment and are nurtured by people who have grown up with them and best understand the growing conditions required for the trees to thrive. 

Joyce Manenzhe protects her baobab tree in a fenced off vegetable plot

To date the Baobab Foundation, with the help of the Baobab Guardians and kind donations from donors, has grown 75 trees.

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