Ecoproducts and Esse support rural crèche

One of the villages where some of our harvesters live has a little crèche which is so needed while mothers go out to work.  Yet they have so very little in the way of even basic resources for busy, active, growing little children.   Recently on one of my monitoring trips, I was able to take some chairs and tables to the little […] Continue Reading

2014 Mar: Baobab seedlings get big ideas!

In November last year EcoProducts did a workshop with 50 rural women harvesters in how to grow and conserve baobabs.  Each woman was given a seed and a planting bag to take home.  Well, when I visited the village this week, some of the women took me to see their so- called seedlings.  They had successfully germinated and had grown […] Continue Reading

Baobab fruit season

February is a wonderful time to see growing baobab fruit.  They emerge from their showy white flowers in December and take six months to grow into our superfruit. In February they are still growing and the fruit are soft and green.  The inside of the fruit is wet and pulpy, providing an ideal environment for the seeds to grow and […] Continue Reading

Monitoring with baobab harvesters

Last week I did my annual baobab fruit monitoring trip where I gather research information on a spcecific population of 40 baobab trees.  This year I am looking at how much fruit each tree produces each year and how that varies from season to season and between land use types.  Usually I have a field assistant whom I hire from the village, but […] Continue Reading

Most expensive baobab (painting) in SA

J Pierneef  was a South African landscape artist, generally considered to be one of the best of the old South African masters. According to this website, Pierneef’s painting, The Baobab Tree  (painted around1934)  holds the record for most expensive South African painting sold at Bonhams in 2008 for R 11.8 million!  Apparently the buyer, says a Mail & Guardian archive article from 2008,  was an unidentified South African individual.   A powerful painting with an […] Continue Reading

The Order of the Baobab

This Order was created in 2002,  to be awarded to South African citizens for distinguished service. The service awarded is well above and beyond the ordinary call of duty. It is an award for exceptional and distinguished contributions in the following categories. The struggle for democracy Building democracy and human rights Nation-building Peace and security Journalism, literature, arts, culture, sport […] Continue Reading

Bioprospecting – what does it mean?

What is a bioprospecting permit?  And why is EcoProducts Bioprospecting permit such a big deal? On the 12 November 2013, EcoProducts was issued with a Bioprospecting permit from the South Africa Department of Environment Affairs. So what, you may ask, is this all about? South Africa has introduced laws that make it illegal to harvest our indigenous resources for commercial […] Continue Reading

Baobab Flowers Fine Art: Gill Condy

What an honor and a delight spending time with Gillian Condy sketching baobab flowers under the boughs of the baobab trees in Limpopo.  Gill is South Africa’s foremost botanical artist and works for the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) as a resident botanical artist.  Her award-winning works are world famous and include a plate in Highgrove Florilegium, a two volume book on […] Continue Reading

Pretty pods!

Not just a highly nutrititious food, with some imagination, skill and flair look at these amazingly creative decor ideas with Baobab pods!  find them here, here and here.