Pura-vida: made in the Limpopo, sold in Singapore

LOHASIA is a social enterprise working to educate, empower and inspire everyone to enjoy lifestyles of health and sustainability. Recently, they published an article on Kristi Mackintosh owner of Pura Vida, an online natural product store selling amongst other beauty products, EcoProducts Baobab Oil. Here's an extract from the article: 

"Recognising the potential for positive impact that our purchasing decisions can have on the people that make our products, Kristi works with companies such as Eco Products in South Africa. This small enterprise produces baobab oil, an excellent skin moisturizer containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin. Eco Products sources the baobab directly from women in local rural communities who have been using baobab oil for centuries, but who never looked at the oil as a resource for selling and making an income. Now over 1,000 women receive income from Eco Products, and the company has rigorous sustainability practices to ensure the long-term conservation of this important tree". 

For the full article click here: http://lohasia.net/heroes/175-kristi-mackintosh

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