The last but not the least of our Baobab Guardians

We have 9 more trees to measure in the Baobab Guardians program around November this year and then we have accomplished more than our initial objectives for the Guardians that we started off with in 2014. Our focus onward, will be more on our exciting Baobab wilding programme. These last 9 trees are dotted around Dambale village in the Limpopo […] Continue Reading

Certificates Awarded to 54 Baobab Guardians

On the 8th December we awarded 54 certificates to the Baobab Guardians at a celebratory event held in Zwigodini village. Each Baobab Guardian had been looking after a baobab seedling from its infancy to it reaching a full 3 meters in height. Some trees took up to 6 years to reach their “safe from browsing” height and others with extra [...] Continue Reading