Bao babies’ growth in 2021

December in the southern hemisphere, Limpopo and it is time to measure the Baobab guardians’ trees again. Did they grow fatter and higher and more handsome than before?

Bao Guardian, Malakia Matshavha is happy with her baby's growth.. all the new, healthy leaves..
Bao Guardian, Malakia Matshavha is happy with her baby’s growth, all the new, healthy leaves.

Sarah and Prince headed out on the 14th December to measure up the Guardians’ baobab babies. It’s the beginning of the growing season, the trees had not put on a lot of growth yet, but the summer rains have just started and all trees have lovely fresh green growth on the tips of their branches.

An interesting observation was that two of the baobab trees had sadly died of root rot. The cause is probably from over-watering during the winter season.  Baobabs go dormant in the winter and don’t like to get watered.

This sort of root rot has also been seen in seedlings that have been planted in soil that is too clayey (see picture above). Baobab trees thrive best in deep sandy well drained soils and rocky outcrops where heavy summer downpours drain away quickly.

A huge thanks goes to our generous sponsors of this special conservation program: Unrooted Drinks, Lather Skincare, Skoon Skincare, Tri-K Industries, BaoMed, Amka and many individual sponsors who have made the Baobab Guardians project such a success.

Tshiflaro Evah Ndou a happy Baobab guardian!
Tshiflaro Evah Ndou a fiercely protective and happy Baobab guardian!
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