Baobab Trees

What is a Baobab?

A baobab is a beautiful, exceptionally large tree that is found in Africa. Its tasty tart fruit (a pale sherbet-like powder that surrounds the small dark seeds within the fruit pod)  is eaten as a food by many African people. Its leaves are also edible and its bark is used to make fibre for mats and hats. Baobabs are important to many African cultures as they provide a means to connect with ancestral spirits through prayer and meditation.

The African baobab is scientifically known as Adansonia digitata. There are 8 species of baobabs in the world and the African Baobab is the only one found on the African continent.  Six species are found in Madagascar (an island just off the African continent) and one species is found in Australia.

Baobabs have a wide distribution occurring right across the savannah areas of Africa in West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa.

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